Water Jetting

Water Jetting involves the use of very high-pressure water jets to clear obstructions in drainage, sewer or food industry systems. High-pressure water jets clear blocked drains without the need for any abrasive or environmentally damaging chemicals. Water jetting can almost completely remove accumulated grease, detergents, dirt, and mineral deposits built up within drainage systems over many years.

High pressure water jetting is more effective than traditional rodding methods in breaking up the blockage debris and washing it clear of the pipe.

For large industrial pipes please view our Water Recycler >>

Grease and Root Cutting

CCTV Pipeline Inspection Surveys 


With our range of CCTV survey equipment we have the capability to survey small and large diameter pipes and culverts to either locate faults or provide straight foward conditional reports.

CCTV drain surveys are the ideal way to inspect drainage problems:

  •     Small, dangerous or difficult to access pipes
  •     Save time and money
  •     Extremely safe
  •     Pinpoints the area in need of repair
  •     Allows excellent visability of the pipes

Tank Cleaning and De-Greasing

Confined, deep and difficult to access areas need very specialized personnel and equipment. From large pumping stations, sumps, wetwells to septic tanks and biocycles we will manage your waste requirements efficiently and professionally. On each project we provide a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement giving precise details of the plant and equipment to be utilised together with details of the qualifications of the personnel involved in the operation and the programme for carrying out the work.

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 Environmental Emergency Response 24 Hour Call Out

When floods or similar disasters occur, removing hazardous substances becomes the main priority. JC Enviro are specialists in dealing with small and large scale disaster recovery, removing vast amounts of sludge and wet waste quickly and efficiently.We are well experienced in dealing with all aspects of waste removal. You can be sure that when disaster strikes, our team will work efficiently and safely to get life back to normal.Emergency wet waste removal:

  •     Experienced flood recovery team
  •     Latest in suction tanker technology
  •     Large Fleet of vehicles
  •     24 hour service, 365 days a week

As well as our emergency division, JC Enviro specialise in bulk removal of sludge throughout Ireland.

Sludge Disposal 

As an authorised waste collection company - with traceable disposal agreements with licensed disposal facilities – JC Enviro offers you total security that your waste is being properly handled and disposed of.

Through the use of Lime Stabilisation the treated sludge can be used as a fertiliser on our certified land bank. During the closed spreading period we have a storage facility capable of holding in excess of 6,000 tonne.

JC Enviro fully comply with all appropriate legislation currently in place and through the use of our own environmental consultant we ensure a continual professional service in this regard.


Main Features:

  • Localised patch repairs are a cost effective means of no-dig technique, due to the simplicity of the system it's a quick process, which causes very little disruption, as all works are carried out through the manhole with no excavations required.
  • Can be carried out in a live drainage system..
  • The localised patch repair will bond to the existing host pipe with even severe pressure from ground water infiltration
  • The localised patch repair is highly resistant to chemicals and abrasion.
  • Localised patch repairs have smooth tapered ends allowing a virtually unnoticeable transition from pipe to repair with a hard surface giving improved flow characteristics

Full reports are provided for all repairs and patching.

Potable Tank Cleaning, Inspections and Repair ServicesJC Enviro offer the following services:

  •     Tank Inspection Services
  •     Tank Cleaning Services
  •     Tank Repair Services
  •     Elevated Tank Services
  •     High Volume Vacuuming of Water Filtration Tanks


Road Washing ServiceJC Enviro have worked with many Local Authorities and County Councils in Ireland on road washing projects. Our specialist equipment makes the process efficient and cost effective.



  •     Protects and structurally enhances defective sewer manholes and chambers.
  •     Ombran specialist sealing products
  •     No infiltration or Leaks


  •     Meal Silo CleaningSlurry Tank Cleaning and de-sludging
  •     Meal Silo Cleaning.