Health and Safety

At JC Environmental Ltd. we take all reasonable steps to secure and maintain the Health, Safety and Welfare of all employees, contractors, clients and members of the public who may be affected by our activities. It is our policy to educate each member of our team with safe work practices to maximise their potential to contribute to the development of the company and ensure compliance with legislation and Approved codes of Practice and Guidelines relevant to our operations.


Safety is a core company value and safe working is integral part of how we plan, organize and undertake our business activities and operations. In order to eliminate potential hazards and maintain an objective of zero injuries, JC Environmental Ltd. is committed to providing:

  •     A safe place of work and healthy work environment for all our employees
  •     Safe means of access and egress to and from the workplace
  •     Safe plant, machinery and equipment necessary to carry out work safely
  •     Relevant information, instruction, training and supervision for all team members.
  •     Protective equipment and clothing.
  •     Routine risk assessments.
  •     Safe arrangements for the use, handling, storage and transport of hazardous substances.

Team members are trained in:

  •     Safe Pass
  •     Confined Space
  •     WJA High Pressure Water Jetting
  •     First Aid
  •     First Responder
  •     Water Awareness
  •     Water Rescue
  •     Breathing Apparatus